COVID-19 Testing Options

COVID-19 antigen test

Antigen – Swab (15 minutes) 

Swab-based antigen testing offers companies a convenient, accurate and cost-effective solution to getting your people back to work safely. This product offers a cost-effective option to those operating on tighter budgets or conducting large-scale screening operations ie. Construction projects, call-centres, education facilities, manufacturing centres, sporting, and events management.  

saliva antigen test

Antigen  Saliva (10-15 minutes) 

Saliva-based antigen testing is a new-to-market option for those wanting to move away from the more intrusive swab-based tests. Offering a comparable accuracy level to swab-based antigen test kits, saliva-based kits are a fantastic option to those put off by the idea of the swab-taking process, or those looking to get an increased level of “buy-in” from their teams.  

covid testing

PCR – Lab Based (24-36 hours) 

Considered the Gold Standard of available testing options for the detection of COVID-19, RT-PCR testing offers the highest degree of comfort when confirming the presence of the SARS-CoV2 virus. If you need the most reliable method of COVID-19 testing for your people, PCR testing is the best option.  

covid testing ireland

Testing Coordinator Team 

HTS’s Testing Coordinator Team have been keeping essential businesses up and running over the past 12 months all around the country. From one-off house visits for individuals to large-scale, combined Antigen and PCR testing projects, the feedback for our All-In-One Testing Programme has been nothing short of stellar.  

If you would like to enquire about a COVID-19 PCR testing option, please email us on info@ for more information.